EstateMAX/OPS is Up and Running Conducting Onsite and Online Sales for Clients, Following Covid 19 Maryland Real Estate Guidelines..

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A few Reviews from Recent Clients:
7/20/2020 – Kate Hamilton

The process, start to finish, was amazing! After meeting the staff and signing the contract, I was very comfortable handing the reins over. It can be a very stressful time but they handled everything fairly and professionally. Highly recommend.

3/31/2020 – Charles West

“I am pleased with how Laurie at EstateMax handled the estate sale. She was very responsive to my questions, and we communicated regularly throughout the process. I found Laurie to be both easy to work with and very professional. She sent me a video of how they staged the house for the sale, and I was very impressed with how it looked. If I ever need to have another estate sale done, I will hire Laurie again.”


EstateMAX/OPS is the Premiere Personal Property Sales Company in the Washington DC Metro Area- solving problems of STUFF, SPACE AND SCHEDULING-for those making their “next big move” to their new home or for family liquidating an estate.

  • We Strategize, Optimize and Minimize -HOMES OF ALL SIZES, TYPES AND CONTENTS, While Maximizing the Outcome for Our Clients!
  • With 21 Years of “REAL LIFE” Estate Selling & Project Management Experience, the EstateMAX process has developed into a proprietary “system”, designed intentionally to turn your personal property into cash assets. EstateMAX provides comprehensive transitions, estate and downsizing services for seniors, boomers and estate representatives.

From START TO FINISH EstateMAXOPS can turn your estate or home full of personal property to cash in less than 2 weeks.

  • EstateMAXOPS takes contractual responsibility for the effective marketing, set up, management of the venue, sales negotiations, payments, deliveries, removals from residence, project wrap up and pack up, disbursal to charity and additional services. See Menu of Services.
  • EstateMAXOPS has full vetting and credentials. As the leading veteran of 21 years in the Washington DC estate sale industry market, we have “seen it all”, learned the business and earned (not bought) straight A reviews from our clients!
  • EstateMAXOPS is Fully Insured, Vetted, Licensed (LLC) with a 2nd Hand Precious Metals and Property, with an FBI background check.  When you’re hiring a company to turn your material possessions into cash assets, hire a pro- with solid business practices. Hire EstateMAX!

CALL LAURIE ZOOK, “Chief Estates Operator” for your NO- COST CONSULTATION.


For fastest response, please text Laurie at 301-332-5585 AND send  a message on the contacts form above.