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Moving, Handling an Estate Disbursal or Downsizing?   Read this Site and Plan Ahead!

5/24/2021 – Gene Lockett

Wonderful experience using Laurie and team! True professionals! I am so glad they were recommended to me by my boss! Best referral ever!

5/23/2021 – Lynne Fabiszewski

Laurie Zook and her team are very experienced and professional. We were overwhelmed with moving out of our house after 23 years. Because of their experience with this it was easy and seamless. We were pleasantly surprised with the money made at the sale! It was a huge effort on their parts to get everything cleared out and empty on time. I am so glad we hired Laurie and Steve and the team.

4/26/2021 – Nancy Hoffman

Moving/downsizing is one of the most stressful events in your lifetime. Parting with precious items that you can no longer use is a difficult and daunting task. Laurie and Steve from EstateMax helped us to focus only on our upcoming move and the items we were keeping, and took all of the worry away about what to do with everything else. You can move into your new home and focus on your future, and leave the rest in their capable hands. EstateMax provides a very valuable service!!


Our On-Site Sales Are Very Popular & Traffic is Well Managed:

  • Minimum 3 Day On Site Sales, Longer for Larger Properties

  • You Leave (Move), Taking Everything With You You Want to Keep, We Do the Rest!

  • We Photograph, Video, Market to Specialty Site and Advertise to 300,000+ Qualified Estate Sale Shoppers Regionally

  • We Handle Sale Set-Up, Sale Management, Security, Payment, Removal & Deliveries,and Customer Service

  • Complete House Clean Out, Trash Out and Donation (and Sweep Out,)  Following Completion of the Sale

  • You are Paid Within 7 Days of Completion

  • On-Line Sales Only for Specific, (Specialized Property & Valuables) 


~What Makes EstateMAX Different?~

Personalized Services: We know that every project is as unique as our clients.  We take extra efforts  to accommodate specific requests of family and owners. Our Clients are on our team, and of primary importance.

Professionalism: EstateMAX/OPS takes contractual responsibility for the entire project. We provide effective marketing, , complete organization and set up, management of the venue, sales negotiations, payments, deliveries, removals from residence, project wrap up and pack up, disbursal to charity. We pay our clients within a week of completion of their project.  See Menu of Services.

Proprietary System: Estate Selling & Project Management Experience, the EstateMAX process has developed into a proprietary “system”, designed intentionally to turn your personal property into cash assets.

Reviewed: EstateMAX/OPS has full vetting and credentials. We are one of the leading veterans of 21 years in the Washington DC estate sale industry market.

Vetted: EstateMAX/OPS is Fully Insured, Vetted, Licensed (LLC) with a 2nd Hand Precious Metals and Property, with an FBI background check.  When you’re hiring a company to turn your material possessions into cash assets, hire a pro- with solid business practices. Hire EstateMAX!

Experienced, Efficient, Cost Effective: Our experience is key to getting our job done efficiently with best practices and results!  Hire a Pro, Avoid Mistakes

Contact LAURIE ZOOK, “Chief Estates Operator”for your NO- COST Phone CONSULTATION~and On-Site~

For fastest response, please text Laurie at 301-332-5585 AND send  a message on the contacts form!

Accredited Estate Liquidator Angi's Super service Award 2021