EstateMAX & OPS ( Other People’s Stuff) is the Premiere Personal Property Sales Company in the Washington DC Metro Area-

We Strategize, Optimize and Minimize -While We Maximize Outcomes for Our Clients!

EstateMAXOPS takes contractual responsibility for the effective marketing, set up, management of the venue, sales negotiations, payments, deliveries, removals from residence, project wrap up and pack up, disbursal to charity and additional services. See Menu of Services.

With 20 Years of REAL LIFE Estate Selling Experience, the EstateMAX process has become a system, designed intentionally to turn your personal property into cash assets.

EstateMAX’s on-site Estate and Downsizing Sales and our new 2019 OPS Other People’s Stuff, proprietary OPS online auctions platform,  takes all the stress off of you. Voila EstateMAXOPS!

From start to finish we can turn your estate or home full of personal property to cash in less than 2 weeks.

How Do We Do That?

After you hire us-we have a very straight forward contract for on-site and online auctions, that offers additional services, too, like transitions services, packing, property clean out, updating and staging. We get to work.

We are a personalized company. You communicate what you need and we design your project to accommodate your needs.

For On-Site EstateMAX tag Sales, we organize, merchandise, price and set up our props, tables, the cashier station to conduct the sale on-site. (For on-site sales, typically our clients have already moved out with the things they are keeping.)

For Online OPS auctions we set up from your pre-selected inventory, tag with a bar code  and photograph in your home. These items stay in place until after the auction, when we come in to meet the buyers for pickup at a predetermined time, done in typically one day. (The Client is not part of the photography or delivery process.)

On-line auctions are appropriate for liquidating personal property in a situation where there is difficulty accessing the property, for a smaller property, where the owner is not selling and leaving the home and, where it’s OK for the auction house can “cherry pick” the inventory to sell only the best of the goods.

Typically, after the sale is over, we  clean out the property, leave it empty and swept and ready for the next step-

What’s the difference in the results between onsite and online? All jobs are unique and they all have their similarities. It’s all about the audience. An estate sale, regardless of the sales strategy- is NOT a retail setting. Your Aunt Edna’s Grandmother’s vase, supposedly found buried in Latvia in the 17th century, (your prized possession), is one thing. It needs to be authenticated and appraised and if an antiquity, sold online, where it will be exposed to the largest audience. If we can’t do that, we shop for the best auction venue for you. On the contrary, your Ethan Allen sofa purchased in the 90’s still barely touched, and  lovely, is worth what we can get for it, regardless of the price paid. Your expectations should be in check.

An onsite sale attracts hundreds of buyers in person who are responding to our professional marketing and advertising, who might have shopped with EstateMAX before, and also those who are “driving by” and reacting to street-side advertising. They want to come into the home and “experience the goods in the setting”.

Price points for on-site sales start as it makes sense-considering all circumstances: item’s condition, rarity, demand, setting. We set the price on a price tag and discount over the course of the sale, remaining open to negotiation based on the buyer’s volume purchases.

In contrast but not to the detriment, online auctions are 1-dimensional. They attract an online viewership comfortable with buying used goods without testing, poking and touching.  The items are photographed either on site or on a stark, white background.  From a thousand to a hundred thousand viewers and more…that all depends on the auction and the depth of advertising dollars spent.

All items are sold “AS IS”, Electronics and equipment are not tested, but sold “AS IS” with that caveat. All sales are final for both sales strategies. No returns, never!

EstateMAXOPS has full vetting and credentials. As the leading veteran in the Washington DC estate sale industry market, of 21 years, we have earned (not bought) straight A reviews from our clients!  We are fully Insured, Vetted, Licensed (LLC) & 2nd Hand Precious Metals and Property, with an FBI background check.  When you’re hiring a company to turn your material possessions into cash assets, hire a pro- with solid business practices. Hire EstateMAX!