Integrity Notice: CAVEAT EMPTOR When Hiring Estate Sale and Auctioneers

INTEGRITY NOTICE: State of Maryland has no licensing requirements for auctioneers or estate sale companies, it’s becoming a playground for the inexperienced, unincorporated, uninsured newbie (sometimes criminal) small business looking for a “fun” income, digging through houses, and running weekend “yard sales”. (The results reflect the same.)
In turn, the State ( and Montgomery County, MD has instituted rigorous legislation that enforces sales of second hand goods of many types. Electronics, Jewelry, Furs, Fine Art, etc. Your estate sale company is required to be registered with the state police and report any item in a Maryland home that is up for sale that falls under these categories or risk prosecution. (Just what small business doesn’t need!) Because of a few criminals and too many operators with low standards, we all pay the price.)
On the contrary, EstateMAX is registered, fingerprinted, taxpaying and reporting.
We reserve the right to ask our clients to sign an affidavit of ownership of all items that fall into these categories in their inventory. 
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