6 Estate Sales in 6 Weeks! We MAX-ed it out for our Clients!

In May thru June the EstateMAX team conducted 6 separate downsizing and/or estate sales in 30 days!

Why Pay Full Price for Consumables?

After 37 years on the front lines of Consumer Goods via traditional channels like big box stores and specialty boutique locations, I fell into the estate sale business and never looked back; I know how you can save yourself a bundle on stuff you will want! My main revelation upon joining forces with industry veteranContinue reading “Why Pay Full Price for Consumables?”

The Basics of Estate Sales Etiquette

In Kindergarten We Learned To Say PLEASE! First Rule of Estate Sale Purchasing: The House is Full of Pre-Owned Merchandise. Caveat Emptor. All Sales Final! Discounts Set Throughout The Weekend-We Don’t Tell You in Advance… Expect Items Here & There to Lack Price Tags. Do Not Berate the Estate Seller For This Imperfection… (Not Intentional,Continue reading “The Basics of Estate Sales Etiquette”


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