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10/8/2020 – Donald Cohen

 They were very reliable and professional. They had all the sales equipment. They knew whatthey were doing. They were efficient. They were very terrific!
Laurie and Steve with EstateMax saved my sanity. My father passed away and left behind a hoarder’s home full of STUFF that I had neither the time nor energy to deal with. Other estate sale companies took one look and turned up their noses. Laurie and Steve were reassuring…

6/9/2019 – Cynthia Amorati

EstateMax did an excellent job. They took care of every aspect of the estate sale and the subsequent removal of all unsold items. The sale was conducted on a Friday and Saturday. The following Tuesday the house was completely empty. They’re very good at what they do which allowed me to avoid all hassles involved in trying to arrange the emptying out of the house.

6/3/2019 - Abby Donnelly
They came in & evaluated everything, felt there was plenty of stuff for a sale, advertised the Estate Sale, prepped for the sale and cleaned up from the sale. They SOLD what they could, DONATED what they couldn’t and CLEANED out and trashed what was trash. My sister & I were long distance and needed the HELP that Laurie and ESTATEMAX provided!! We paid upfront, but made some money on the Estate Sale…. It was a godsend! We just wanted our Mother’s things to have a new home – sold or donated – and the house emptied. It was a blessing!

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