EstateMAXOPS Turn-Key Services

Since 1999 Serving Seniors, Boomers and Estates-

EstateMAX has Developed Comprehensive Service Packages to Fulfill Almost All possible Aspects of a Personal and Property Transition!

EstateMAX is an accredited member of the American Society of Estate Liquidators and a 7 X Angie’s List Super Service Award Earner!

Angi's Super service Award 2021
  • EstateMAX Classic On-Site Downsizing/ Estate TAG Sale– For Full Households, All  Items  are considered Inventory after the Client has removed what they are keeping. Getting volumes of buyers through the door is key to success.

Overall, we set up, organize, price, advertise extensively through our social media channels, industry websites, our YouTube channel, Facebook pages, Facebook videos, and On-street Signage. We conduct the sale over 2 to 3 days ; longer if needed.

We provide all props, tables, signage, etc. After the sale, we can either provide management and clean up based on the client’s wishes. Larger homes of 4000 and over square feet, should allow more time to conduct the sale. We recommend 4 to 7 days. In some cases, unsold goods can be routed to our On-line OPS Auction on consignment or will be put on another online platform.

Payment is made to the client on the Friday following the end of the contract.  After all payments have cleared our bank, you are paid by wire transfer for security.

The cost to the Client is  based on Client’s circumstances, volume of inventory, quality of inventory, volume of labor required to set up, trash out, removal and location considerations.

Transitions Services for Seniors, Boomers and Families

  • The Transitions Plan, Downsizing Consultation-  Done on site, In the client’s home, client consultation to review project goals, deadline, and establish a Transition Plan, or tweak their existing plan.

We go through the home, room by room, establish priority areas and corresponding tasks, discuss potential problems and setbacks, establish a purging and packing schedule (that the client can do on their own or hire EM to work with them to accomplish.) We discuss the exit date, the moving schedule, and new home requirements need.  We recommend several moving pros to interview. Discuss a potential downsizing liquidation sale, in line with the move out date. Discuss needs with realtor handling the sale of the home, and can refer Clients to top real estate pros, during this consultation as needed. Team leader follows up with a written outline and lists for the client to follow.

We suggest you call us to start this process 3 months to 1 year in advance of your projected move date. For Do It Yourself Downsizers we offer a Flat $250 consultation fee to help you get organized and on target. This includes 3 hours and with 1 Project Manager. Any additional hours at $85/hour, for hands on downsizing throughout the home-as below.

  • The Action Plan – In the Home Hands-On Downsizing & Prep Home for Sale-  EstateMAX team works with the client in the home going, room by room to sort, organize, purge and pack. We pack what is going to be moved and what needs to be removed to show the home to it’s best potential, prior to the home selling, or to ready for the move and settlement.

Furniture and décor to be left for “staging” the home, as appropriate, is tagged. The rest is boxed and moved to secondary area awaiting sale or can be donated at this point, based on available space and client wishes.

Hourly $65 for Team Leader, $85 for Project Manager, $35 for second person- typically additional labor, who is usually always needed.  Estimate can be given on first day of work or at the Transitions Plan Consultation.

  • The Staging and Spiffing Plan – Working with the client and client’s realtor, as requested, we provide staging and cleaning services for the home, using furniture and items set aside during downsizing or bringing in others as is appropriate, based on budget and need.

Cost to Client varies, based on size of home, and what is needed. If hired to handle staging at onset of downsizing project, we set aside goods as we go, put in place at the end. Money is saved on labor and time.

  • The Move Out and Set Up Plan – EstateMAX team can provide moving-day liaison supervision, working on behalf of the client with the moving company to assure the client’s needs are met. This is a great service in addition to packing and sorting/downsizing for senior’s and boomer’s who are overwhelmed and on their own during a transition.

During the move, we ensure that furniture is put into the correct location in the new home, based on a floor plan that has been agreed upon by the client. After the move, complete unpacking and professional organization, as well as the installation of furniture, appliances, and equipment in the new home, can be managed.

A punch list is written of final details to be finished. This can be done as a local, regional or national service, based on the circumstances. Rates per hour, or per diem for out of town.

  • The Exit Package Plan– Pack up, Clean up Management- EstateMAX will provide complete pack up, disbursal to charity and clean up of the residence and property following the downsizing or estate sale.

This includes removal of all items that are unsold, and not nailed down. The interior is left broom swept, vacuumed and ready for settlement. Detailed in Sales Package.

  • Trash Removal and Pickup Plan – Complete Trash removal from interior and exterior of property as agreed upon with the client. See a list of items that if not sold, will go to trash recycling if can’t be donated.

Cost is by the cubic yard and includes truck, gas, labor and dump fees. We work with smaller, local contractors who typically charge less and compete for your business. From $750 to $950 per dump truck load is typical.

  • The Sparkle Cleaning Services Plan – EstateMAX will provide complete professional cleaning services for the home, pre open house or pre settlement including cabinets, appliances, fixtures, carpet cleaning, floor cleaning and buffing and interior and exterior windows so that the home is not only left empty for settlement but also sparkles. Quoted per project.

TERMS -All Services are provided under individualized agreements. EstateMAX accepts cash, personal checks, and credit cards as forms of payment with a signed agreement, a credit card on file and personal identification. Bank wire transfers are used when paying our estate sale clients. We ask for a credit card to be kept on file for ongoing program services, billed weekly during the course of the agreement.