On-Site Tag Sales & OnLine Auctions

~You Remove What You Want to Keep- We Sell the Rest- Through the EstateMAX Classic On-site Tag Sales

Medium to Larger Properties with Full Home Inventories (Over 100) Pieces of Mixed Items: Furniture, Decor, Books, Household, Clothing, Toys, Tools, Knick Knacks, Miscellaneous, Garage, Equipment, Etc.-

Time Line to Hold Sale– Before Contract or Between Contract and Settlement with New Owner-

Sale is Held Over a 2 to 3 Day Weekend Or Longer, Depends on Circumstances-Very Interactive & Dynamic, Advertising Continues Throughout the Sale-

Time Commitment-Set up through Sale to Clean Up (Can take from 1 Month to 10 Days )- Client Can Not be Present Daily During This Process-

Negotiations and Daily Discounting Used-

Client Typically Wants All Details Handled-

Client is Paid in 7 Days

~You Remove What You Want to Sell & Leave the Rest in Place- OPS Online Auctions


Smaller Properties, Under 2000 Square Feet with-

Limited Inventory, Under 100 Pieces, Mixed Items or Collections-

Options: Either Downsizing, Moving, and Estate or Staying in Place-

Time Line to Hold Sale– Anytime- Options for Set Up, etc.-

Sale is Held over 7 to 10 Day Online

No Negotiations– Not Interactive, Passive Sales Method-All Electronic

Items are Picked up by the Buying Public at the Home on Pre-Set Day(s)

Minimal Interference: Owner Has No Obligation to Leave the Home

Or All Details Can Be Handled As Exit Plan Option-

Client is Paid Within 7 days-

Furniture  .  Decor  .  Books  .  Fine & Decorative Art  .  Toys/Games  . Electronics  .  Vehicles  .  Boats  . Lawn & Garden Equipment  .  Computers  .  Jewelry  .  Precious Metals  . Coins  .  Collectibles  .  China/Glass  .  Antiques  .  Household Goods  .  Appliances  .  Just Ask!

We Solve Most Problems of Transition Through Our Turn Key Services For Boomers, Seniors And Estates-

EstateMAX Handles All The Details Of Transition, Working With Our Clients And Their Team,Including Family, Realtor, Mover, Physician, Attorney, And Friends As Appropriate-

To Move Them Forward To The Next Home With Only The Possessions They Truly Love And Want, And Have Space For!

Organizing, Purging, Packing, Selling, Cleaning Out, Re-Cycling, Donating, Shipping, Moving And Lastly- Trashing What Can Not Be Salvaged Or Sold!