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(A statement to professionals about what we do, and how we can help your clients-

Founded in 1999, EstateMax  leads in the DC Metro estate sale business – awarded the prestigious “Angie’s List Super Service Award” for our efforts – in this competitive field for five years!

We’ve  developed a process and long ago coined the slogan “Maximizing Returns while Minimizing Stress.” (All other’s using the Minimizing Stress are Copy Cats!) We are proven, efficient and- vetted by the FBI, The State of Maryland, Montgomery County Md and Angie’s List! 

Anyone downsizing, moving, or settling an estate can benefit from a personal property liquidation and needs our transition and property services. EstateMAX/OPS works for Families, Individuals and Estates through direct contact or  through a trusted professional. Among those can be:

Real Estate Professionals- EstateMAX/OPS makes your job easier by providing an efficient, effective “exit strategy” for your clients, when selling their home. We have 20 years of hands-on experience providing the assessing, sorting, downsizing, packing and selling and exit clean out skills and strategies that can make the difference for your clients (and you) between a lost, overwhelmed, dis-organized and unprepared seller or a supported family, boomer or senior citizen, “ready to roll”-onto their next home. We leave their “for sale” home empty, ready for staging or settlement, as agreed on with you and the home owner.

EstateMAX is a tool for the real estate professional to use to gain listings on properties where seniors are house bound, on their own and overwhelmed. We have found through real experience, that if a potential client understands there is an objective support system available, they are more likely to take the first step toward listing their home.

Financial Advisors- EstateMAX works with your clients to assure they actualize value from their used personal property. We do this through on-site “Tag” format sales and also, (OPS) Other People’s Stuff on-line auctions. We also work with top local bricks and mortar auction houses to work with us to do combined tag format/on-site public auctions and can handle all the details to consign valuables to appropriate internationally known auction houses.

Estate Attorneys-Liquidating an estate can be handled through on-site Tag Format Estate Sales or through (OPS) Other People’s Stuff On-line Auction.  We work with bricks and mortar auction houses to combine efforts, or in the case of very tight schedule, work for you and the estate executor, providing project management expediting clearing the house, cleanup of property, disbursal of goods to auction and charity, and leave the property empty and ready for staging or sale.

How We Do It: The EstateMAX/OPS Difference

Comprehensive Transitions, Move Management, Set Up in New Home, Personal Property Sales, Full Home Clean up and more!

Our specialties include :  For Sales: Identification, organization, research, and valuation of the price of estate sale goods- assuring the highest incidence of selling during the course of the scheduled sale, onsite, through our progressive markdown system, and online through auction format .

Advertising: has a regional internet coverage through all of our various channels of close to 100,000 viewers. EstateMAXOPS has an active blog, our own YouTube Channel, a large customer email list, Facebook pages, (uploading to appropriate Facebook groups and Instagram followers which are all updated and cross posted throughout the sale process and we subscribe to 4 estate sale websites to advertise each and every sale. We use strategic street-directional yard signage, and produce print ads as apropos.

See our Sale Videos here!

Contact us today for a no cost initial phone consultation to see how we can help you through your transition. 301-332-5585 Laurie Zook, Chief Estates Officer

EstateMAX is a value-added professional for you to add to your portfolio of service providers. Please contact us today with your questions.

A little background:

*Laurie Zook started in the people and property business in 1998, working with individuals with personal property organization and downsizing their residences, supporting them through life transitions, assisting them with planning and expediting their moves out of long term homes.

Read for more details. EstateMAX/OPS continues to provide these transitions services.